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Hot Bikini

Two triangles of fabric that form a bra and cover the woman's breasts and a third that form a panty cut below the navel that covers the groin and the buttocks, which is hot in hot summer. Almost no one don’t love bikini, it can show a woman’s good figure and sexy in summer. Also for bikini, more and more women begin to exercise in gym. It really is a good aim of shaping body.


Sheer cover ups

In the beach, there are variety of sexy bikini and pretty tube-style, but the most conspicuous is the woman in sheer cover ups. Put it outside the bikini, really is a voguish dress. And do you know, the sheer cover ups will make the hot body appear indistinctly. That is a kind of real sexy. A suit of black bikini matched with black sheer cover ups is ultimate glamour.


Floral kimono

Chiffon is the best friend of summer. It is soft, subtle and cool. The light fabric is deeply loved by people, especially the bohemia pattern. On the beach, its brilliant hue and exotic style just like the incarnation of goddess. There are sunshine, waves and beauty; they can run, play and laugh on the beach. Also lots of girls love to tie them on the waist, looks so gorgeous.

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