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Hands are the second face for women. We all want them to be soft, smooth, and beautiful. Taking care of them is not difficult. Just need your patience. There are daily steps to take care of them. First of all is keeping your hands clean. When you wash your hands, avoid using hot water, which will dry out your skin. Wash with lukewarm water instead. And use a moisturizing soap instead of antibacterial hand soap. Also the important step is exfoliating your hands weekly. But remember to wash your hands with the moisturizing soap before exfoliating.



After washing your hands, you should use a hand cream several times a day to ensure that your hands stay soft. You almost moisturize your hands every day, but they still may not get enough moisture that they need. So you must use a hand mask once a week to deliver a super dose of hydration. Also, for the feet, we also need to mask once a week. And don’t forget your fingernail. It is vital to apply vitamin E oil to the skin around your nails each night before you go to bed. That will help prevent the skin from becoming cracked and painful.



We always ignore our hands in life, but the hands just like the rest of your skin. They are vulnerable to damage from the sun, including dark spots that can make them looks older. To protect your hands from the sun, suggest that apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher. There have a key point, as the women, there are lots of household that you have to do, which would be damage to our hands. How about that? Don’t worry, just need a pair of protective gloves. That will keep your hands from getting damage.

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